Friday, March 26, 2010

Cup of tea, Cupcake origins

There are two arguments that exist to explain the origin of our fine little cake friends. The first supposes cupcakes received their name because they were traditionally baked in tea cups or small cups. The second speculates that practicality is the root of their title as a mnemonic for their recipe: one cup of butter,sugar, flour, and eggs. I favor the the first theory, doesn't it seem more romantic? Can't you picture yourself in an 'Anne of Green Gables,' book or something? Though if I'd lived a couple of decades ago the only way I could remember Mrs. Stacy's amazing "cup," cake recipe would be the mnemonic.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Son!

I know it's been awhile, one of those crazy months+ that never ends, we moved, everyone took turns being sick (wouldn't want someone to feel left out :), then we celebrated Gunner's (our oldest son) 4th Birthday. And I wanted to share some of those pictures - not us moving or being sick . . . the cute birthday ones :)
Gunner wanted to do a Super Hero Birthday party, so we did. My husband and I designed a Super-G symbol - my son tells me it means "Super Gunner-Man!"- then whatever we could put it on we did! Water bottles, cupcake toppers (of course), drinking cups, and my AMAZINGLY talented friend, Kathleen Tribble, couldn't make it to the party so she dropped off some personalized sugar cookies of Gunner's name and the Super-G!

Once all of our Superheros arrived at Headquarters, saving the world from evil commenced! Each child got to design their own Super-G, K, O, etc . . . and affix it to their cape. I bought the cheapest red and blue shiny fabric I could find and cute out a cape shape. I also had some sticky velcrow tabs parents could help apply, just in case superheros wanted to switch to citizen more than once :)

Our superheros used their super strength to run races, play follow the Superhero leader, and pass a glowing stick of kryptonite - I totally made such a rooky mistake and bought a blue glow stick from the dollar store instead of the green one.

When I asked what kind of cupcakes Gunner wanted for his birthday he said "Colors!" so that's what we did; blue, red, and yellow Super-G cupcakes.

Here's Gunner and little brother Jack consuming cupcakes frosting first, of course!

Anatomy of a Super-G cupcake!

Truth, Justice, and The American Way!