Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy a sneak peak of my favorite Thanksgiving cupcake . . .

Butter Pecan

A vanilla brown sugar cupcake with toffee filling, a layer of candied pecans, cream cheese frosting, garnished with toffee bits, chocolate bits, and a pecan. Have a slice of grateful goodness!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bad News

I woke up this morning to my little guy crying for me, he was feeling pretty miserable. After the rough night he had we went to see what was going on and it looks like an ear infection. So I'll have to post-pone my cupcake give away so I can take care of my family. I hope you have a safe and meaningful Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Young People's Art's Festival was Awesome!

As you know, The Cupcake Company taught a cupcake decorating class at Moscow's Young People's Arts Festival and we had a blast! It was pretty happening! I think it's wonderful and we can't wait to do it again; which looks like it will be next spring -April 2010. I want to take a moment and give a shout out to the University of Idaho's Elementary Education program! I had four volunteers come assist with cupcake decorating and they were AMAZING! They were excellent with the children, intuitive, self-motivated and professional. If only they were interested in a career with The Cupcake Company!

Moscow, you have beautiful, creative youth and it was a pleasure to work with them! The kids decorated 3 cupcakes each and they could choose to decorate either a penguin, turkey, owl, snowman, and/or a kitty. The Kids decorated 120 cupcakes!
Here's a couple of their cupcakes, the penguin was very popular! How could you resist the penguin though, he's so cute!

Here's another penguin, he never gets old! We also had a Yetty aka abominable snowman cupcake from one of the kids. Lot's of red mini-M&M's turned our cupcakes into crazed demon kitty's, snowmen, and penguins.

The Cupcake Company also had a booth at the Winter Market at the 1912 center this last Saturday as well. We were very happy to see our regulars and meet new customers! We sold out again. THANK-YOU! The next Winter Market will be December 5th 10am - 2 pm @ the 1912 center. Please feel free to come celebrate the Holidays with us, we enjoy seeing you!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Jupiter Sunrise

Jupiter Sunrise is named for one of our favorite bands. It is also The Cupcake Company's signature cupcake! It was the first catering order I ever received and it is by far one of my personal bests. I can never say that one cupcake flavor is my favorite because I REALLY DO like all of them! Which flavor I want to enjoy just depends on my mood. But if I had to name one or swear to never apply a french manicure to my nails or toes again for the rest of my life - I would name Jupiter Sunrise as the lucky cupcake.

Jupiter Sunrise
An orange cupcake with craisins, white chocolate chips, and orange zest. Followed by a walnut, honey layer, and finished off with our famous cream cheese frosting.

Don't forget we will be at the Winter Market this SATURDAY NOV. 21ST at the 1912 center from 10am - 2pm

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Young People's Arts Festival!

The Cupcake Company is excited to announce that we will be teaching a cupcake decorating class for Moscow's Young People's Arts Festival. Here is a sneak peak at one of the cupcakes we will learning to decorate.

The Festival will be Saturday November 21st at Moscow Jr. High School @ 9am to 3 pm. You can register by calling 208-883-7036 or emailing
Or you can fill out an application at City Hall, registration is due 11/17/09. Hurry and sign up you don't want to miss out! There is a limit of 10 students per class and openings are filled on a first come basis. Can't wait to see you there!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gluten Freedom Cupcakes

That's right my friends, we certainly do have gluten-free cupcakes! One of The Cupcake Company's newest friends Miss Blair V. brainstormed this flavor combination up and it is wonderful! Though originally intended for gluten free consumption we won't leave the carb-loving heathens behind - this cupcake comes in chocolaty gluten-packed goodness too.

Cinnamon Chocolate

A Chocolate Cupcake with a hint of cinnamon, dark chocolate ganache and cinnamon cream cheese frosting. If only we could throw an evening by the fireplace in the box with these warm cupcakes . . . [daydream pause ] . . . ahhhmee [sigh of content] . . .

*vanilla gluten free version also available

Last Farmers Market . . .

It wouldn't be right if I didn't make sure the first thing that I said was THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU! We are so happy to report that the Cupcake Company has enjoyed its first Farmers Market here in Moscow with unimaginable success, every Saturday we sold out of all of our cupcakes. It's so nice to find that Moscow enjoys cupcakes as much as we do. And if things continue to go as they are going our plans to open a cupcake cafe will be able to happen sooner than we anticipated. We will keep you posted! Here's some quick shots of our Halloween table at the Farmer's Market. It was fun to end on a festive note!


It doesn't get any better than this!


A vanilla-brown sugar cupcake with layers of cassia cinnamon and sugar frosted with a dollop of cinnamon cream cheese frosting.