Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Can't get enough of this Chocolate Dipped Goodness!

I can't get enough of dipping my desserts into chocolate lately, seriously a good idea! If you want to add that "WOW," factor to your homebaked cookin - dip it in chocolate. If your children are misbehaving and your hair looks ratty . . . that's right - dip it in chocolate. Really, ask yourself - can I go wrong? And I'm telling you - No, you can't go wrong.
I was talkin to my good friend the other and she says to me "Geeze, my hair's a little ratty today...," and I says to her - yeah, that's right, that's what I said - dip it in chocolate.
Really, can you go wrong? No.

Update on MOM's Day!

For Mother's Day we decided to focus on the Grandma's this year. So EARLY one morning a couple of weeks ago me and the boys were up and going with Dad - before he went to Law school - so the whole family could personalize these tote bags with our hand prints. I decided the only way the hands prints would end up looking like hands prints was with BOTH parents involved and it's more fun that way. Jack did end up with his older brother's hand print on his back, but it was all good fun. We also included some chocolates from Cow Girl Chocolates, can't leave our favorite local chocolates out. We had to make sure our pckgs arrived before I blogged about it and I was a little behind getting them in the mail, so here's a peak!