Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Cake makes everything better!"
- Duff, owner of Charm City Cakes and star of Ace of Cakes

Isn't it so true?! I've had a lot of questions about The Cupcake Company's presence (or lack there of) at the Farmer's Market in Moscow. It's nice to know that we are missed, Thanks! Well, our weekend cupcakin' census has been up with graduation parties, birthdays, receptions, etc . . . so in order to deliver high grade homebaked cupcake goodness to our customers The Cupcake Company has been devoting its time to filling party orders. So . . . I guess you have to throw a party and order some cupcakes!
Don't worry party-poopers you'll have your cupcakes and eat them too. The Cupcake Co. will be at Moscow's Farmer's Market this summer, keep watching for us and we'll try to announce it as well!